The great ad guru David Ogilvy liked to say, "I hate rules" - and I couldn't agree more. So my writing work ranges from the comically irreverent to the powerfully emotive, from shining a spotlight on personal human moments to showcasing the epic and spectacular. In other words, whatever works.

While I'm best known for my ads and brand films, I'm not limited by that. Other recent projects include a 30 minute documentary film for television, lots of TV and live events scripts for presenters, the global website of a well-known financial services firm (for which I developed a new tone of voice) and many articles and blogs, often on the subject of emerging technologies, which are going to change our world beyond belief. For all the doom and gloom, we really do live in exciting times.

You'll find some downloadable samples below. Get in touch if you'd like to learn more about how they answered the brief and why I took this particular approach.

World Gold Council Promo

Vauxhall Lifetime Warranty Ad 40s

Ineos Americas Cup Launch Film

Citi BeMore Employee Engagement Campaign

Barclays Online Rate Switch Ad 60s

Citi Global Community Day Promo

Colliers International Brand Film

Opel OnStar Smartphone 60s

Opel Partners Promo