Saudi Arabia TV Documentary

I spent 5 extraordinary weeks travelling around Saudi Arabia to shoot this 30 minute documentary film for broadcaster Al Arabiya - exploring how the Kingdom is attempting to diversify its economy away from just oil.

And while there's a lot about Saudi Arabia you can criticise, I experienced some of the warmest hospitality of my life.

Memorably, we stopped our convoy in the middle of the Empty Quarter - one of the world's great deserts - to ask a team of camel herders if we could film with them and their many thousands of camels. Within moments, carpets were on the sand, fire was lit, tea was ready and we spent the next hour listening to stories about their fascinating lives. And the rest of the afternoon was spent filming incredibly evocative material of them with their their vast herd. 

The scene featured here highlights the logistical challenges of the Hajj, Islam's annual pilgrimage to the holy city of Mecca.