If you share my desire to make films that are ambitious, bold and have a big impact, then come on in.

Last year my Commercials and Brand Films won 8 awards in the UK and US, including 5 EVCOM Industry Awards, 2 Daveys and a Campaign Magazine/PR Week London Brand Film Award.

I think that's because I like to craft cinematic films that make people feel good. And while I work across lots of different sectors, from fashion and finance, to cars and good causes, my natural approach is to bring optimism, humour and high quality storytelling to each project. 

My background is both highly conventional (I spent 10 years at a big agency before breaking out as a freelance writer & director), and a bit more exotic (I was the lead singer and songwriter of a band that sold a few records in the 2000’s). Throw in a few years spent acting before I got behind the camera and hopefully I’ve painted a picture of what you can expect – great scripts, authentic performances and powerful emotional journeys that leave the audience satisfied and smiling.

And if you’re interested in the old band days then here’s a clip below from the feature documentary film The Flowerpot Sessions (Communion Records/Island Records/Universal Pictures), released in 2010. I called myself “Tom McKean” back in those days for musical purposes – hardly Ziggy Stardust I know, but who ever heard of a rock star called Martin! Enjoy.

If you'd like to learn more about my background and my work, you can see and share my CV here.

Here are some of the world class brands and agencies I've worked with. You can read what a few of them have to say about working with me here.

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